The sheer quantity of limo services that are available for you to rent a luxury vehicle from leaves you spoiled for choice, but it also creates the notorious problem of decision fatigue. Suffice it to say that you would have a hard time figuring out which limo service will be the perfect option for your upcoming special event. For one thing, most limos like exactly the same on the surface, but if you were to dive a bit deeper a few critical differences would begin to become apparent to your conscious mind.

We are going to give you the lowdown on a crucial feature that a service provider needs to have in order to make them the only choice when compared to other companies in a similar niche. This actually isn’t a feature in and of itself, rather it is the relaxation of a particular rule that many would find to be troublesome! You see, some limo providers prohibit you from smoking while you are in the car. Companies like see this for the unnecessary restriction that it truly is, which is why they will never stop you from lighting up a cigar or a cigarette during your limo ride!

While it is understandable that a limo service may be wary about things like the smell of tobacco smoke lingering in their seats, this is no excuse to prevent customers from enjoying one life’s simpler pleasures. The onus is on the service provider to offer adequate ventilation and to put some effort into cleaning their seats after their guests have left so that there are absolutely no limitations placed on the things that you can do after you have paid a premium rate for an extremely luxurious limo.