It's been awhile since we've updated everyone on this amazing machine and dedicated duo. Aside from the beautiful paint job, it's flew down The Ohio Mile a handful of times and was finally able to run at the Salt Flats this year.

After making the cross-country trip to Utah in 2014, Bruce and Scott's record setting dreams were short lived due to record setting rains. We all arrived to only find over a foot of standing water on the salt. Everyone went home with hopes set on 2015, but the water showed up again that year before the bike was even rolled out of the garage. Who knows what the outcome would have been either of those years, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise that the races were cancelled because these guys showed back up in 2016 and crushed not only the record, but their personal goals as well!

On their first run, with Scott piloting the bike, they ran a 127.218 average, which crushed the 2013 record of 123.115! First run on the salt, first World Record. The next day they decided they were going to try and hit their goal of running in the mid 130's. Scott ran a 131.554 qualifying pass and backed it up with another pass at 135.428 for a new World Record average of 133.491!

We are so proud of these guys and all their dedication to achieving this dream!






Congratulations to Scott Williams & Bruce Wyke for setting two speed records with their purpose-built Honda 350 Twin. This unique, supercharged-on-gas machine set records at the very first meet it was ever run in at the September 2013 Wilmington Mile in Ohio. Using well-planned designs and extreme attention to detail, the bike is an engineering masterpiece. For the powerplant, Scott and Bruce chose Bore Tech to modify and build an engine capable of handling the boost pressure of the crankshaft-driven, Nissan automotive supercharger. Bore Tech performance engine components are being pushed to the limit with no failure. Although horsepower numbers are being kept a secret for now, expect extensive dyno testing this winter to prepare the bike to set some amazing top speeds for a little 350 cc motorcycle.