- Electronic Ignition System for Honda CB350, Honda CL350, Honda SL350 #BT-05EL

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BT-05EL Product Description

BT-05EL Installation Instructions


The Model BT-05EL is a single-fire electronic ignition system for all years of the

Honda CB350, CL350, and SL350 twins.

The system works with a pair of single-tower coils, each cylinder firing

independently once per 720 degrees of crank rotation; there is no "waste spark."

The BT-05EL is compatible with OEM coils, as well as performance aftermarket

coils having a primary resistance between 3 ohms and 5 ohms. With the new

progressive dwell control feature, 3 ohm coils are recommended; they will give

superior spark energy, while still drawing low average current and creating

reduced self-heating.

The BT-05EL ignition incorporates fully electronic advance-retard, and does

away with the troublesome OEM centrifugal-advance mechanism.

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