Charging System Kit for Honda CB/CL 350 and CB/CL 360 #99-101

Price: $236.25
Sale Price: $212.62



Single Phase, Full Wave Stator and Rectifier / Regulator for 1968 - 1973 Honda CB / CL 350 and 1974 - 1976 Honda CB / CL 360


Charging System Conversion:

1. Install Stator.

2. Electrically disconnect existing rectifier and regulator, remove from bike.

3. Install / mount new rectifier/regulator.

4. Be sure battery has been sufficiently charged.

5. Electrically connect new rectifier/regulator as follows:

        a. (2) Yellow or black stator wires to yello rectifier/regulator wires (no orer).

        b. Red wire from rectifier/regulator to battery positive. 

        c. Green wire from rectifier/regulator to battery negative.

6. All other electrical connections should remain the same.


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