358cc Big Bore Kit for Honda CB77 #P358

358cc Big Bore Kit
358cc Big Bore Kit
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* Included in kit:

(1) head gasket

(2) piston kits with rings, pins and clips

(2) Cylinder sleeves


* Sleeve installation and cylinder boring at an additional cost ($195.00)

* 65 mm bore size




The Honda Superhawk CB77 is a 305cc twin-cylinder motorcycle and was produced from 1961 until 1967 (although there are some 1968-registered models).


The motorcycle was known for its robust and precise motor and the overall high quality of fabrication and assembly. One innovation of the motorcycle's design was the motor being a stressed member of the frame, strengthening the frame and improving the handling over designs with a conventional "dropped-in" motor and cradle frame. All CB models had a forward-arcing kick starter, necessary in order to miss the right-hand footpeg, and re-locatable footpegs that could be sited well rearward (at the expense of forfeiting the pillion) thus enhancing the sporting ride position, especially when the machine was the lo-bar variant.


The 305 Superhawk proved so agile, powerful and well-behaved that it easily outperformed many of its contemporaries with higher displacements. It was capable of 90 mph without the rider having to lie flat on the tank. Some argue that the advent of the CB77 Superhawk was the beginning of the end to the British bike domination in the field of street and casual race motorcycles. The quality and reliability were far superior. The oil-tight engine, electric-starter and 180-degree crank-throws were also major factors in its success.


Another close Superhawk relative of the era was the Scrambler. The main difference was the gearbox ratios, to allow for the Scrambler's intended use as an off-road bike, and the absence of the electric starter found on the 'road' models - the CL utilised a conventional cradle frame to improve ground clearance and the front downtube passed the motor where the starter needed to be. Although not as capable as a modern off-road bike, the CL77 Scrambler did have a high-performance, dual-carburated motor, high-clearance exhaust pipes and knobby tires.