BORE TECH  has developed the only permanent surface enhancement process for motorcycles and small engine cylinders for longevity and power robbing friction reduction. There is no spray coating or plating for cast iron liners that compares to the performance of CARBIDE BORE PROCESS cylinders.

The CARBIDE BORE PROCESS combines the best features of ceramics and cast iron cylinder bores. This evolutionary process of impregnating diamond-hard silicon carbide particles into the cylinder wall is truly a technical advance directed at the problem of bore surface wear. The advantages of the process are compelling

This technique is not a coating that builds up or is a layer on top of the base metal, thus cannot be used to restore worn bores back to size. Imbedding the carbide particles into a straight, round bore locks the ceramics into the pores of the base metal in a manner that prohibits the particles from dislodging. A "Plateau" finish bearing curve provides good oil retention sites with optimum surface for ring sealing

During the development, carried out by BORE TECH on the CARBIDE BORE PROCESS, all types of engines have been tested in various forms of competition. The extreme conditions of racing provided us with quick and accurate data feedback.  Motorcycle roadracers, motocross, and drag racers to snowmobile, watercraft, karts, and mini-sprints have gained phenomenal engine life as a result of this technology.

BORE TECH uses mechanical infusion technology to force fine particles of silicon carbide under pressure into the cyclinder wall. The carbide being twelve times harder than steel, gives an unusually wear-resistant surface... one that is also oil wettable. The result is a cylinder that won't wear out (at least, not at anything approaching the normal rate) but actually breaks in like plain iron.